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Work Life Balance Gold Coast

Work Life Balance Gold Coast

Working long hours impacts people’s health, increases stress and cuts into personal and family time.

More people are working part-time, with lower payments and insecure jobs, which also means working long hours. Flexible hours and working from home can be helpful, especially if you have a young family.

Working long hours can make work-life balance harder since there’s no separation between work and home hours.

Unfavourable work-life balance may cause stress

Some aspects of work can have a negative impact on mental health. Work stress, isolating working conditions, few rewards for your work effort, job insecurity and a lack of say in the job can increase the risk of mental health issues.

Below are some thing a person can do to address their work life balance :
a. Giving more flexible and shared rostering and choice in working hours to all employees, including shift workers.

b. Part time work – providing more part time jobs with less hours or fewer shifts if required by the worker.
c. Stopping excessive long work hours and short turn arounds.
d. Free access to childcare with onsite childcare facilities available for parents.
e. Flexible holiday arrangements – providing more flexibility in holiday arrangements to suit the workers personal lives, including leave for school holidays if required.
f. Leave in single days – allowing employees to request and take leave in single days and accrued hours as time off in lieu of payment.

g. Giving increased mobile work for staff to transfer between work sites if possible.
h. Improving safety, wellbeing and respect for all employees in the workplace.
i. Giving all employees the ability to receive telephone calls or messages from family members at work.

Most successful people plan their work and then implement the plan. Life is short, so have a plan. It could be either paper or electronic, this is one way you can turn priorities and set goals and then make them into reality.

Employer Benefits of a healthy work life balance :
• less staff turnover

• less recruitment and training costs, due to decreased turnover

• less absenteeism due to higher levels of well being

• a good employer or an employer of choice for the best potential staff
• increasing your businesses ability to attract staff

• less stress levels amongst staff

• higher staff morale and job satisfaction

• better staff loyalty and commitment

• increased productivity

Employee Benefits of a healthy work life balance :
• less in the impact of work on home/family life
• less stress levels and higher levels of staff well being

• greater positive control over time management in meeting work-life commitments

• staff to make their own decisions regarding work-life balance

• Better focus, motivation and job satisfaction knowing both family and work commitments are being met

• Higher job security, knowing the organisation understands and supports family responsibilities

A family-friendly workplace is one where employees feel that they are supported by management and their colleagues in meeting both their work commitments and their family  responsibilities.

Family-friendly employers accept that family responsibilities will have an  impact on employees’ working lives and are prepared to accommodate these needs wherever possible.

Employers can  promote a family-friendly workplace by developing and maintaining a supportive work culture for employees with family responsibilities and by introducing family-friendly work practices.

Work Life Balance Gold Coast