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Gold Coast Roof Restoration

Gold Coast Roof Restoration

Gold Coast Roof Restoration :

Gold Coast Roof Restoration – A roof restoration service changes the external appearance of your house immediately, transforming the look of your roof back to new – giving it a fresh, well cared for appearance.

While a newly restored roof may be able to add to the overall value of your home, in a competitive real estate market it can also help you to sell your home quicker. Increasing the kerb appeal of your home with a roof restoration service will make your property more attractive to buyers.

  • Gold Coast Roof Restoration Service / Thorough cleaning of the old roof with a high-pressure washer to remove lichen, algae, moss, mildew as well as any other debris.
  • Repair any roof damage that needs fixing, this includes replacing and repairs to any surfaces.
  • Replacement of any broken roofing tiles or roof sheeting that is not fixable.
  • Application of the coating system being used to restore the roof. This also includes any colour that will be added to add colour to the roof, during the gold coast roof restoration service process.

Steps Involved with a Gold Coast Roof Restoration Service :

Step 1 : Visual Roof Inspection :

Gold Coast Roof Restoration will inspect your roof to look for any damage and problems that may not be visual to the naked eye. There may be more than a cracked flushing or a raised roof tile that may be damaging your roof.

Gold Coast Roof Restoration will supply a roof restoration written quote to explain and outline each of the restoration costs so you can make a considered call.

Step 2 : Roof Repair or Full Replace :

Gold Coast Roof Restoration can complete a quality restoration of all roof types; tiled, metal, ridge caps, flashing, sealing, painting, & vent installations.

Depending on your costs, we will clean your roof to make it look brand new. All our roof restoration services come with a 10 year warranty.

Step 3 : Detailed Full Roof Clean :

A roof restoration gold coast is designed to make your aged roof look new again. Once the roof restoration is finished, we will also fully clean the gutter areas from and dirt.

We use high pressure water cleaning in the initial cleaning stages. Chemical roof cleaning is used on the hardest roof stains. We eliminate all grime, droppings, moss, mold, mildew, leaves and dirt that builds up on your roof over time.

Step 4 : Roof Re-bedding and Re-pointing :

A quality roof restoration provided by Gold Coast Roofing Restorations includes the bedding & pointing of all areas on your roof.

We also replace all broken or cracked roof tiles, replacing them with matching colour tiles.

Step 5 : Roof Paint & Clean :

Tile roof restorations or metal roof restorations, we will remove the dirt and inspect the roof fully in preparation for roof coating.

Step 6 : Modern Primer & Sealer :

Your roof is then fully coated with a quality acrylic primer to make the roof smooth. This gives strong adhesion and fills in the roof tiles.

Step 7 : Dulux Roof Membrane or Cool Roof :

A quality high coating for use with concrete roof tiles and metal type roofing is used. Which gives great weather protection and colour life and water proofing. The membrane coats are up to 4 times thicker than normal paint. This gives very high protection for both tile roof restorations and also metal roof restorations.

The roof membrane solution is comes in a huge variety of different colours, both in normal roof paint or cool roof paint materials.

Heat reducing, quality paint membrane with Dulux roof products. They are made for maximum results of UV heat without changing the visual colour choices you have for the paint.

Step 8 : Paint Areas & Full Clean Up :

We paint by hand the gable ends to stop any paint over spray. Then again, we clean your whole roof for any lasting residue, left over from the roof restoration works.

When restoring a roof ‘Gold Coast Roofing Restorations’ will not use an inferior coating, we only use the best Dulux roof coating and painting products.

Benefits of a Full Gold Coast Roof Restoration :

Increased Aesthetic Appeal

When you look at a home or a commercial building, you notice the appearance of a roof. Fading, discolouration, dirt and mould can all detract from the look of a property and send a message that the structure is not properly cared for. A roof restoration is a simple way to restore beauty to the exterior of any property. Following a roof restoration, the colour of a roof is brighter and more lustrous, and the effects can make a home or business look fresh and new.

Improved Water-Resistance

Water damage is one of the biggest threats to the integrity of roofs. When water pools on the surface of the roof, it can cause corrosion to metal and promote rot and weathering for other types of materials. If water is able to seep past the exterior of the roof, it can lead to the growth of toxic mould and mildew inside of structures and water damage that can cost thousands to repair. Top quality roof restoration products leave behind a water-resistant coating that diminishes the risk of water damage and the costs with which it is associated.

Protection from Mould, Mildew and Algae

In wet climates, mould, mildew and algae can all grow on the hard surfaces of roofs. These substances can detract from the appearance of roofs and compromise their integrity. Roof restoration gold coast includes pressure washing that helps to remove microbes from roofing. The sealants and restoration products that are applied to the roof during a service are mould-resistant and help to control the growth of microbes for years to come.

Higher Home Values

Studies have shown that the quality and integrity of a roof contributes to 10 to 15 per cent of its total value. Having a roof restoration performed can help to keep a roof in good repair and positively impact the value of a property. In addition, the aesthetic benefits of roof restoration make a home more visually appealing and can increase its perceived value with potential buyers.

9 More Good Reasons for a Full Gold Coast Roof Restoration :


  1. Price savings : A full roof replacement is a major cost expense. The cost of work and roof materials are high. Sometimes a roof replacement is the best decision to make for life term issues, whereas a restoration which requires less work and roofing materials – usually costs less than half of a full roof replacement. It depends greatly on the roofing materials selected, replacement costs can be high, whereas restoration requires less foundation materials.
  2. Longer value period : It is a good idea to try & extend the life of your roof, because with small cost maintenance every few years helps the lifespan of your roof, making it decades before a full roof replacement will be required.
  3. The Cooling factor : Cool roof solution materials lower the temperatures of your roof surfaces. Some roof coatings are very reflective, they can greatly reduce the sun’s heat, which will reduce interior cooling costs. You will achieve high savings on your air conditioning costs.
  4. Your Tax Advantages : Roof Restorations are sometimes payed by maintenance expenses, which can be a good tax deduction. A maintenance business expense can be used at tax time to minimise your costs.
  5. Multiple Choices : There are a number of cost-effective roof restoration choices available depending on your type of roof and budget.
  6. Safety in Mind : Most modern roof restorations can upgrade your roof to a Class A type good fire rating. You will enhance the safety of your property, & you could lower the cost of insurance.
  7. Heat effectiveness : Modern roof coatings are very reflective, and they can increase the solar reflection, which may help you reduce interior heating or cooling costs.
  8. Less downtime : A full roof replacement can be noisy and dirty. A roof clean or restoration is less of a disturbance to the people in your home or people working in your commercial building.
  9. Good warranty : All our restoration services are warranted with the manufacturer of the roof materials for up to 10 years. Be sure to find out how many years your restoration would be covered.

Domestic Roof Construction :

Modern day timber roofs are usually framed with pairs of wood rafters or pre-made wooden trusses secured together with wood connection metal plates. Timber framed or older buildings can be built with main rafters or timber wood trusses. Most roofs are also designed as a warm or cold roof environment and on how they are built with regards to the building materials & ventilation requirements. A steep roof pitch of a angled roof is designed primarily by the roof covering outside covering tiles or metal. Flat pitched roofs usually slope up by about ten degrees to drain water. Flat roofs on homes are found in desert & remote areas.