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Roof Painting Gold Coast

Roof Painting Gold Coast

Roof Painting Services :


Through the decades, ultra violet light, water and dirt will cause varing damage to the structure of roof tiles. This changes result in discolouration, mildew growth, and a bad looking roof.

Weathered Roofs : roof painting gold coast

We recommend Dulux Roof Membrane which is specially designed to restore older and weather effected tiled roofs.

It restores the look of aged roofs and protects them from any water damage, animal attack and air pollution, and reduces dirt buildup in the long term.

Colours Help Protect and Shade From the Sun : roof painting gold coast

We offer a large variety of modern colours with a choice of  Conventional Paint or Cool Roof Paint products.

Download a PDF brochure with colour chart. (please note that original colours may vary slightly from those printed or viewed on a computer screen).

Download PDF
There Are Many Colours to Choose

With more than 40 different colours to choose from. It is wise to look into some key roofing aspects :

  • Your roof style & slopes
  • Overall house building style
  • Surrounding homes roofs
  • All city council requirements
  • The house exterior wall colour

What type of home you have? Is the home modern or older? Is it a steep slope or more of a traditional roof shape?

We will breakup the colour range choices into different groups, eg. modern or classic.

Colours such as green or cream will suit a older style house, and colours such as Grey will suit the coastal look in a beach house.

It’s best to find a colour that suits and compliments your roof and the walls of the home.

If you are painting the entire home your roof colour choice will be critical to the overall effect of the walls and roof.

We recommend identifying the tone colours the brick walls that then to be matched to the roof colour choice, this create a good contrast.

Making the roof colour similar to the other parts of the property helps create a perfect colour look that is good to look at.

Roof Colours :

Choosing a light colour for a roof is best for houses in warm states where air conditioning is used a lot in Summer.

The wide choice of roof types play a part in how good a home looks from the road, it is important to know about how the roof on your home plays a big part in saving electricity costs.

Much of the heat that builds up in your house is generated through the roof so it makes dollar sense to reflect the heat with a light colour roof paint.

 • A white, light-grey, or steel coloured roof can have about 25% lower heat generation than a dark coloured roof, due to less heat buildup.

Other Things to Consider : roof painting gold coast

Whilst the above considerations can help in making the best colour choice for your home’s aspect during the 4 seasons.

The correct colour for the roofs exterior of your house should be similar to other homes in the area.

When you sell your house at a later time, it’s always best to choose visually happy colour which will complement the style of the local suburb.

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