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Over the years, ultra violet light, moisture and dirt can cause severe damage to the appearance of concrete tiles. This can result in discolouration, mould growth, and an unsightly looking roof.

Weathered Roofs : roof painting gold coast

We use Dulux AcraTex Roof Membrance which is specially formulated to restore aged and weathered concrete tiled roofs.

It improves the appearance of aged roofs and protects them from water ingress, chemical attack and pollution, and significantly reduces dirt accumulation keeping your roof cleaner for longer.

Colours that Protect and Shield From the Sun : roof painting gold coast

We offer a wide range of fashionable colours in a choice of either Conventional or Cool Roof Technology.

Download a PDF brochure with colour chart. (please note that original colours may vary slightly from those printed or viewed on a computer screen).

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There Are So Many Colours – Where Do I Start?

With more than 40 colours available it can be hard to know where to start but it helps to break your decision-making process down into some key aspects:

  • Style and shape of roof
  • House style
  • Surrounding environment
  • Council requirements
  • Exterior and interior wall colours

What style of home do you have? Is the house modern or heritage? Is it really a beach style or more traditional or perhaps more a typical farm house?

We helpfully divide our colour range into clear categories : contemporary or classic.

So, colours such as ‘cottage green’ or ‘classic cream’ will be perfect for your traditional older style home whereas colours such as ‘Surfmist’, ‘Windspray’ or ‘Shale Grey’ will bring out the coastal connection in a beach home.

It’s really important to find a colour that connects your roof to the rest of the house.

This isn’t going to be such a problem if you are painting the entire house as well but if your house has a brick exterior or you are not planning to paint the house your roof colour choice can be critical to the success of the overall effect.

We suggest identifying hints of tone colours in the bricks can then be matched to roof colours to create a strong link…this idea taken even further with the suggestion that you repeat the roof colour in as many as three other areas of the property such as a fence or shed.

Matching the roof colour with other parts of the property in this way creates a truly unified look that is easy on the eye.

Roof Colours :

Much like exterior walls, choosing a light to medium coloured roof is ideal for houses in warm climates where air conditioning costs are high all year around.

With the choice of roof playing a major role in how inviting a home looks from the street, it’s equally important to think about how the roof you put on your home plays a big part in saving energy costs.

About a third of the unwanted heat that builds up in your home comes in through the roof so it makes practical and economic sense to reflect the heat with one that is light-coloured.

Recent studies have shown that a white, mid-grey, or steel roof can have approximately 30% lower heat gain than a dark roof, as they will absorb less of the sun’s heat.

A mid-grey coloured roof, for example, will reflect a lot of heat but causes less glare than a very light colour. It can also reduce the amount of insulation (and air conditioning) needed to cool the home, therefore giving you some major cost savings.

Other Things to Consider : roof painting gold coast

Whilst the above considerations can assist in making a smart colour choice for the elevation, it’s important to think about the overall look of your neighbourhood.

The right colour palette for the exterior of your home should complement (but not match) other homes on the same street, reflecting the general trends of nearby properties.

If you’re planning to sell your house at a later date, it’s always better to choose visually-appealing colours which complement the architecture and style that typifies the local area.

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