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Roof RePointing Gold Coast

Roof RePointing Gold Coast

Roof RePointing Gold Coast :

Roof RePointing Gold Coast – If your tiled roof is breaking, or your roof pointing is cracked or damaged, your roof is much more likely to have water leaks which may cause damage to your homes roof. Roof RePointing is another layer of bedding that goes over the top of the normal roof bedding to create a stronger grip on the roof tiles & seal the roof against dirt & rainwater.

Roof RePointing & ridge capping & roof hips are to the very top of the roof where all the joins to the roof tiles. It’s where the roof tiles from one area on the roof join another, these areas need a special covering tile, named a roof capping tile. This unique tile covers the gap between the roof pitch on one side of the roof, with the other. It’s the special place where the 2 roof pitches meet in the middle.

Most home owners do not climb onto the roof to see the any damage or grime buildup, and so they don’t notice how bad it can be until water leaks are appearing on the internal ceiling.

With harsh sunlight, wind and rain on the roof of your house over 20 or 30 years, means you will have a need to re-point the ridge capping and maybe replace a few cracked roof tiles and straighten a few tiles. Hopefully that is all the roof maintenance you require, but there maybe a need for a roof clean or a full roof restoration.

Gold Coast Roofing Restorations includes the roof bedding and roof pointing and all loose and out of line caps. We will also swap all the broken and cracked roof tiles, replacing them with the same colour and type of roof tile when we complete a roof repointing Gold Coast job.

Why roof re-bedding and re-pointing is very important :

Many home owners do not know that the most important aspect in a full roof restoration, is the bedding and the pointing of the roof. It is not as easy as a high pressure water clean and a new coat of roof paint.

The truth is that there is a lot of detail that goes into to a roof restoration. Below are some of the steps that ‘Gold Coast Roofing Restorations’ make when completing a full roof repointing and restoration.

Step 1 – Roof Repointing of the ridge capping :
With some cases where there is a small gap the roof ridge capping can be repointed by laying over the existing roof mortar & filling in any cracks deeply, or a full layer of fresh new mortar along the entire roof ridge line is required.

Step 2 – Rebedding the roof ridge caps :
If the current roof mortar is loose & flaking out then the roof ridge capping needs full rebedding with new mortar, & requires all of the current ridge caps to be removed.

Step 3 – Lay fresh mortar :
The worn broken roof mortar is then removed in full, & fresh new bedding mortar is laid, and the ridge caps replaced.

Step 4 – Repointing :
The roof ridge caps are then repointed to suit the surrounding roof tiles and colour.

Repointing of a roof is the job of replacing the roof pointing, and is the external regions of the mortar joints. With time harsh weather and roof decay will cause air voids in the joints between the ridge caps, this opens the way for water. When water comes into these voids it will create damage through the expanding and contracting of these gaps. Repointing is critical to be done properly to avoid any major roof damage from the elements over the decades.

Checking the roof structure before starting any work will help gauge the strength and wellness of the original mortar so the right amount is used. It’s best to ascertain what the original old mortar is to find the best replacement match. It is very important that the new mortar to be used for the repointing to have the same lifetime characteristics to the original old mortar that has been used. The performance includes the compressive strength, and temperature for heat or cooling expansion. The new roof mortar must have a higher atmosphere permeability and a soft compression compared to the old roof mortar. The mortar cannot be stronger than the surrounding masonry areas as it must be able to expand with the wide variety of air temperatures in Australia. Having the correct type and amount of roof mortar is critical to the strength and waterproofing of your homes roof.

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