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Questions to Ask Your Roof Cleaner


How long have they been in the roofing business?
Finding a roof cleaner who has been trading for a few decades is hard to find, and is so you can trust their workmanship. Another good reason of an experienced business is great work – the more time a roofing cleaner has been trading, the more experience he has. A long term business is not likely to cut corners and leave you with any problems or a no good warranty.

Are they fully licensed and fully insured?
An established roof cleaner business would have full insurance, public, property, and workers (allows staff to work on top of roofs) and public and property liability coverage. Hiring a company without the correct insurance can leave you open for costs for injured staff or public, as well as paying for any property damages the business may do.

How will i know if the staff members will do a great job?
Walking on a tile roof requires experience and trained skills. Efficiently cleaning the roof means eliminating the mold and algae not high-pressure water cleaning. High-pressure roof cleaning will also cause stress on your roof tiles – this can cause the sealant to rip, creating water leaks.

Do you have any roof cleaning testimonials?

There are many important questions to ask, also ask for references that includes if the roofing work was done properly and on time, if there were any last minute costs, and if the business offers a guarantee and warranty on products and labour.

What roof cleaning services am I paying for?
Every roof clean job varies greatly, from the age of the roof, to the shape, size, & to how dirty it is.

Is the roof cleaning work guaranteed?
Experienced roof cleaners take pride in their work and fully guarantee their work & services with a standing products warranty.

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