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Roof Services Gold Coast

Roof Services Gold Coast

Roof Services Gold Coast :


Gold Coast Roofing Restorations

Professional Services We Offer

  • Roof Restorations
  • Roof Cleaning
  • Roof Painting
  • Roof Repairs
  • Roof Repointing
  • High Pressure Cleaning
  • All Surfaces
Maximum Protection Under the Sun :

Over many years of the 4 seasons, ultra violet light, water and particles of dirt can cause major damage to the look of concrete roof tiles. This will result in loss of bright colours, moss growth, and a not so nice looking roof.

Weathered Roofs : Roof Services Gold Coast

We use Dulux Roofing Solution products on our jobs, which is uniquely made to restore aged and worn tiled roofs.

This product improves the appearance look of older roofs and hardens them from water damage effects, air pollution, and reduces the dirt and grime buildup which keeps your roof cleaner for a longer time.

Different Colours that Protect and Shield from UV Rays : Roof Services Gold Coast

We have a large range of up-to-date colours and you have the choice of either traditional roof paint or Dulux cool roof paint membrane.

It doesn’t matter if your roofing surface is made out of cement, terracotta, or metal, Gold Coast Roofing Restorations can bring back new life and colour to all roof types.

Dirt stains, mould, grime, mildew, dirt and general pollution that builds up on the surfaces of the roof not only look terrible, but are also hazardous in the long term with any slow buildup of environmental damage.

Gold Coast Roofing Restorations can high pressure clean any of the hard surfaces around your home, bringing them back to a fresh new look, and this will help elevate any slips, injuries, and help to keep your pathways safe.

We can replace any broken roofing tiles, fix the rusted roof irons, lay new mortar bedding, and lay a new topcoat of flexible re-pointing and then we will fully seal all your roof areas.

The roof on your home is the first line of protection from thunderstorm hazards.

Your homes roof has not been structurally built to last for more than 30 years, and over the decades it will begin to slowly break down. Our staff are experts in spotting and fixing the causes of any roof leaking and areas requiring any roof repairs.