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Roof Restoration Services

Roof Restoration Gold Coast

Roof Restoration Gold Coast :

Roof Restoration Gold Coast – roof surface areas represent 20-25% of the buildings and act as solar heat storage and up to around 92% of a buildings heat storage is due to the sun’s radiant heat energy.

On the Gold Coast, where the main source of a buildings heat gain is from the sunlight. Reflective dulux cool roof solutions will minimise any roof heat gain.

A Money Saving Environmental Solution for Domestic & Commercial Properties :
A long term sustainable building design and electricity efficient homes is environmentally a good thing to do. Cool roofs give us one of the easiest and effective ways to reduce power usage.

DULUX roofing technology will reflect more of the Suns infra-red heat energy away from your roof surfaces.

The cool tech paint is available in most paint colours in the Roof Membrane product range – the decision is yours, conventional normal roof paint or Dulux reflective paints.

Paint Features :

  • Water Based Solution
  • High Surface Membrane
  • UV Reflective & Resistant

Paint Benefits :

  • Next day re-coat, fast clean up & low smell odour
  • Resists air pollution, chemicals and lessens dirt & grime retention
  • Resists damaging UV rays from the hot sun – roof restoration services

When reflect more of the sun’s heat energy the roof surface can be 20-30°C cooler on the surface which means cooler living areas, & a lowering of electricity demand and giving you a lower power bill.

Cool roof paint reflects huge amounts of the sun’s energy and the sunlight is reflected as light, not radiant heat, which reduces the build up and storage of heat in city suburb environments.

In Queensland, most commercial buildings have metal roofing which are not good reflectors of solar heat energy.

Reduct Your Cooling Costs : Roof Restoration Gold Coast
Less Heat means less electricity cooling prices. Many studies have shown that using reflective cool paints gives large cost savings.

Increased People Comfort : Roof Restoration Gold Coast
In buildings such as factories and warehouses, a cooler roof will lower the temperature inside working facilities, improving staff work loads.

Helps to Lower Carbon Outputs : Roof Restoration Gold Coast
Using your air conditioning less reduces your businesses power and carbon output levels which is great for the planets environment.

A white or light coloured paint delivers the maximum reflective solution for the sun’s energy. Your energy savings over a few years will pay for the roof restoration.

Dulux Products Solutions for Cooler Roof Buildings :
Dulux Heat Reflective Coatings increase the total solar radiation reflection of a roof surface and can make more sustainable structures.

InfraCOOL Products means that roof surfaces reflect both the visible light, & the invisible infrared light which accounts for half of the sun’s light energy into a roof.

Long term roof cooling for factories and residential buildings :
Dulux is a environmentally licenced maker of these advanced roof coating products.

Reduction of cooling costs : Less heat invasion means less cooling costs. Roof cooling energy are large when using cool roof coating products.

Creates living comfort : No air conditioning in buildings like as workshops and factories, cool roofs solutions helps greatly to cool working and factory facilities, improving staff work and the lifetime of stored goods.

Helps to lower the carbon output : Using less air conditioning helps to reduce the electricity usage and any greenhouse gasses which is good for the planet long term. Cool roofs reflect large amounts of sun’s energy hitting your roof.

Roof tops store large amounts of the sun’s energy, Cool Roofs offers the best cooling and energy reflection products.

Increasing the reflection of both visible and invisible light which helps to increase the cooling effect by reducing surface heat.

Dulux colours target the sun’s invisible infrared heat to help keep surfaces cooler for longer, both  light & dark colours can be used effectively to reflect large amounts of heat radiation from your roof.

Cool roofing products from Dulux have your roofing requirements covered for a roof clean or a full restoration and paint. When a roof reflects more of the suns heat it can help to keep the roof surfaces cooler to help reduce heat increases in the roof spaces that will filter into your homes living areas.

For more information please visit the Dulux link below :

“Urban Heat Island Effect”

• A urban heat island is when cities and suburban areas are often much hotter than the rural areas that are around them.

• Urban Heat Islands was first studied in the 1800’s when it was discovered that the air surface temperatures in cities was usually higher than in the surrounding country areas. The effect is well known these days with the expansion of cities.

There are Many Effects in a ‘Urban Heat Island’ :

  • An increase in heat absorption and heat storage due to less surface reflection.
  • Makes changes in the temperature properties of concrete and tile structures.
  • There is less vegetation cover for heat transfer so the covered areas keep heating up.
  • Cooler roofs give the easiest & smartest approach to lessen global warming effects – reducing cooling emissions is a very important start for any Roof Restoration Services.