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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers for Roof Restorations.

Having your roof replaced is a big long term decision. And naturally, as the home owner, you may have many questions about your homes’ roof and any work that is required.

We can answer all your roofing questions, and we have prepared a detailed list for your of frequently asked roofing restoration questions.

Question : Do you have insurance?
Answer : Yes, Gold Coast Roofing Restorations has public liability cover for up to $20,000,000. So you can be assured 100% that there will be no problems during or after your roof restoration works.

Question : Should i be at home during the roofing job?
Answer : Gold Coast Roofing Restoration to do their roofing work during 7am and 5pm Monday to Friday. It is not a requirement for you to be at home but we will need to use your water and power to complete the roofing job.

Question : What is the average roof restoration timeline?
Answer : An average roof restoration takes between 2 and 5 days, it depends on the size and the required roof repairs. 1 or 2 days is needed for and roof repairs, a day for the roof pressure clean, and about a day for the roof sealing and painting, and then 2 coats of roof membrane.

Question : What is the cost of a Roof Restoration?
Answer : Once we have inspected your roof in detail, we will provide you with a detailed quotation of all the costs. We pride ourselves on our honest advice and guarantee our all our roof services.

Question : What types of Roofs do you Restore?
Answer : We are fully equipped with the right gear, and have the skills and knowledge to complete all types of roofing projects, no matter the type of roof you have.

Question : Is there a cost for a roof quote and inspection?
Answer : No cost, our service is free and is no obligation. Telephone or email us and book your roof inspection visitation by our friendly staff.

Question : How many years will a roof restoration last?
Answer : Your roof membrane coating is warrantied for ten years, but will last for a lot longer than that.

Question : Can you help with roof water leaks?
Answer : Yes, we will respond. Leaking roofs usually require immediate attention. If left unchecked, leaking roofs will cause internal structural damage.

Question : Can I choose a brand new paint colour?
Answer : Yes, you can choose from a large variety of modern paint colours and textures. Our roofing colour experts can help you with choices that suit your roof style and suburb.

If you are looking for a roof restoration on the Gold Coast please click here for a quotation.