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Solar Panel Roof Cleaning

Solar Panel Roof Cleaning. There are a number of ways to check if your solar panels need cleaning before calling a professional. One way is to physical check the condition of the panels for tree debris, dirt, grime, and bird droppings.

  • The thing to do is to check with your solar panel installer. They will have detailed recommendations for the panel cleaning.
  • Solar panels can become very hot in daylight. It’s best to clean the solar panels in the morning or afternoon, or choose a cooler day.
  • Best to first use a garden hose to cool them down to touch. If a lot of dust, grime, and dirt has built up, you might need to give them a more professional clean.
  • Fill a small bucket or small spray bottle with warm water and mix with soap – no other added cleaning equipment is needed.
  • Wipe the surfaces of all the solar panels with a soft clean cloth or new sponge.
  • Use extra safety cautions when climbing onto your roof (power lines) to clean. The best idea is to hire a professional solar panel cleaning business to do the climbing and cleaning.

Depending on how dirty the solar panels are, just a simple cleaning of the solar panels may improve energy production by up to 5 to 10 percent.

Math calculations shows when cleaning small solar systems could lower your energy bill by scores of dollars. leaving it to just rainwater to clean the solar panels properly is not the best option you have.

A 5 to 10% increase in energy production is a lot, and will power much of your household electrical appliances for longer. So having a regular cleaning schedule for the solar panels will save you money, and it maybe best hire professional panel cleaners at a low price.

Keeping up with the cleanliness of your solar panels is a smart idea for your wallet. We also recommend that you keep your eye on maintaining the correct electrical function of your solar power energy system, this includes the panels and any other solar related equipment installed on your house.

Try to avoid using hard water, bore water, or mineral rich water when cleaning. It could damage the solar panels over time. If your area only has hard water from the tap, you can buy cheap 10 liters of big bottled water. Distilled or de-ionized water is ok to use.

It’s best not to use hard abrasive brushes, or pads or greasy cloths.

Clean your solar panels early in the morning or in the late afternoon when the solar panels are cooler. During the hot heat of the day, water cleaning can damage your panels due to temperature changes, and can void your solar panel warranty.

If using a high-pressure water machine, do not get close to the panels with the nozzle. The panels are extremely durable, but don’t want to damage them.

Solar Panel Roof Cleaning is best completed 2 or 3 times each year.

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