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Workplace Giving

Roof Restorations Pacific Pines. Workplace giving is a simple and effective way for your staff to regularly donate to charitable organisations through automated payroll deductions. It allows employees the opportunity to make regular donations through their pay and provides ‘time-poor’ people with a way to support their community.

Workplace giving is a voluntary programme that (under a pre-tax system) results in an automatic tax deduction for your employees, without the need for them to keep and claim receipts. Roof Restorations Pacific Pines.

Employees pledge a nominated amount to an organisation with deductible gift recipient status (DGR status)1 and the donation is automatically deducted from their pay and sent to the organisation.

In Australia, hundreds of businesses already operate a workplace giving programme, helping to bring a strong sense of community into the workplace.

Through workplace giving, businesses can build reputation and profile in the community to become an ‘employer of choice’. Workplace giving is a simple way to enhance your business’ involvement in the community, with clear business, employee and community benefits. Roof Restorations Pacific Pines

Case study 1

‘Our business is making a difference…’

The Sydney Opera House has significantly contributed to the community through the arts for over 30 years, however more recently they have begun contributing in a different way.

At the end of 2004, the Opera House launched a workplace giving programme. The programme offers their 600 employees the opportunity to make regular donations to community groups through automated payroll deductions.

‘We believe establishing a workplace giving programme is an effective and easy way for our company to contribute to the community.

‘We already have a good reputation within our community, but we see workplace giving as another way to demonstrate our community commitment.’

Staff can participate by donating to four identified community groups, or they can forward the details of a personal favourite organisation they want to support to payroll. Roof Restorations Pacific Pines

Already donations have contributed to providing counselling and care for families with sick children, scholarships for young people, support groups for women affected by domestic violence and assistance for countries affected by the tsunami.

‘Our staff know they make a difference through workplace giving simply by donating the cost of a coffee each week.’


By establishing a workplace giving programme and making it easy for employees to participate, businesses are contributing to the social well-being of communities in Australia, and making a real difference.

A workplace giving programme provides an opportunity for your business to:

  • demonstrate community spirit;
  • be seen as an ‘employer of choice’;
  • build business reputation and profile;
  • contribute to staff morale and loyalty; and
  • build close relationships with community organisations.

Once established, workplace giving provides you with a low cost way to support employee engagement in the community.

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