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Benefits of Being Storm Safe

Benefits of Being Storm Safe.

  • Severe thunderstorms impact on all areas of Queensland, they can occur at any time of the year.
  • They are very unpredictable and may cause serious injury and damage to property. It is important to prepare your family and property beforehand and stay prepared all year round.

During thunderstorms, it is very important to protect your family and home from the major impacts such as high winds, lightning, hail and flooding.

String damaging winds can bring down trees, branches and powerlines, remove roofs, and blow around outdoor items. Hailstones and lightning strikes may seriously injure persons and damage property.

Storm surges can cause the surf to become unsafe, and can food properties in coastal areas.

Make a home emergency plan and have an emergency kit prepared.

Secure or put away items around your home and balcony that could blow around  in strong winds and cause damage.

Items such as pot plants, garbage bins, animal food bowls, gardening tools and trampolines can become dangerous missiles in strong winds.

Check items such as airconditioning units, satellite dishes, antennas and fencing are properly secured.

Clear your gutters, downpipes and drains regularly to prevent blockages.Trim trees and branches that could potentially fall on your home or property.

Fix any damage to your roof, including broken or missing tiles.

Park your car under secure cover and away from trees, powerlines and drains.

Disconnect computers, televisions and other electrical appliances before a storm.

When flooding is likely, leaving low-lying home and businesses well before flooding begins is the best action to take.

During a storm, stay clear of drains, creeks and causeways, fallen trees or powerlines, and damaged buildings.

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