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Roofing Restorations Gold Coast

Roofing Restorations Gold Coast

Roofing Restorations Gold Coast :

Roofing Restorations Gold Coast changes the external appearance of your house immediately, transforming the look of your roof back to new – giving it a fresh, well cared for appearance.

While a newly restored roof may be able to add to the overall value of your home, in a competitive real estate market it can also help you to sell your home quicker. Increasing the kerb appeal of your home with a roof restoration service will make your property more attractive to buyers.


  • ‘Roofing Restorations Gold Coast’ Service / Thorough cleaning of the old roof with a high-pressure washer to remove lichen, algae, moss, mildew as well as any other debris.
  • Repair any damage that requires attention, this includes inspecting and repairs to any flashing that may be damaged.
  • Replacement of any damaged tiles or roof sheeting that is not repairable.
  • Application of the coating system being used to restore the roof. This also includes any colour that will be added to add colour to the roof, during the ‘Roof Restoration Gold Coast’ service process.

Steps Involved with a Roofing Restorations Gold Coast Service :


Step 1 : Initial Roof Inspection :

‘Roofing Restorations Gold Coast’ will inspect your roof to discover the faults and problems that may not be apparent to an untrained eye. There is more than a cracked tile or a leaky section that may be effecting your roof.

‘Roofing Restorations Gold Coast’ will supply a roof restoration plan and explain each suggestion and outline restoration costs so you can make informed decisions based on your budget.

Step 2 : Roof Repair and Replace :

‘Roofing Restorations Gold Coast’ deal in the restoration of all roof types; tile roof restoration, metal roof restoration, ridge capping, roof flashing, roof lining, roof seal, roof vents, gutter replacement, terracotta tiles and concrete tiles will all be considered.

Depending on your budget, we can repair your roof to make it look like new.
Our roof restorations service gold coast comes with a 10 year guarantee.

Step 3 : Thorough Roof Clean :

A ‘Roofing Restorations Gold Coast’ is designed to make your weathered roof look fresh again. After the roof restoration is completed, we also wash and rinse your roof and clean your gutters.

We use safe pressure water cleaning where possible. Chemical roof cleaning products are only used when essential. We get rid of moss, lichens, leaves and dirt particles that get accumulated on your roof over time.

Step 4 : Roofing Re-bedding and Re-pointing :

The roofing restorations provided by Gold Coast Roofing Restorations includes the re-bedding and re-pointing of all loose and misaligned caps, gables and valleys.

We also change broken and cracked tiles, replacing them with matched tiles (color, material and design).

Step 5 : Roof Paint Clean & Prep :

Whether it is tile roof restoration or metal roof restoration, we air blow the roof to remove dirt and inspect the roof completely in preparation for coating.

Step 6 : State of Art Primer and Sealer :

Your roof is coated with acrylic primer to make it look smooth. This provides strong adhesion and fills up the porous holes in the tiles.

Step 7 : Dulux AcraTex Roof Membrane or AcraTex 962 Cool Roof :

A water based elastomeric high build coating for application to concrete roof tiles and metal roofs is used. Giving maximum protection, durability, colour retention and weather proofing. The coats are 4X thicker than paint. The state of art protection for tile roof restoration and metal roof restoration.

The Membrane application is available in a range of roofing colours both in Conventional or InfraCOOL Cool Roof technology.

Heat Reflective, High Build Membrane with InfraCOOL Technology. Formulated for maximum reflectance of invisible InfraRed heat without compromising visual colour.

Step 8 : Hand Painting & Clean Up :

We hand paint all gable ends to avoid any over spray. Once again, we clean your roof for any residue, during the roof restorations process.

When restoring your roof ‘Roof Restoration Gold Coast’ will not substitute with an inferior coating. This is why we only use DuluxAcra Tex roof membranes.

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